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Almond toffee flavored coffee is a type of light roast coffee that has been infused with the rich and delicious flavor of almond toffee. Unlike some flavored coffees that are infused with artificial flavors during the roasting process, almond toffee flavoring is never added during the roasting of the coffee beans.

Instead, the almond toffee flavor is added to the coffee after the roasting process is complete. This is typically done by adding a natural almond toffee flavoring to the coffee beans and allowing them to sit and absorb the flavor for a period of time.

The result is a smooth and balanced light roast coffee that has a sweet, nutty flavor with notes of caramel and toffee. The almond toffee flavoring adds a subtle sweetness to the coffee, making it a great option for those who prefer a sweeter cup of coffee.

Overall, almond toffee flavored coffee is a delicious and unique twist on traditional light roast coffee, offering a delightful combination of nutty and sweet flavors without compromising the quality of the coffee beans themselves.


Flavored coffee made with fresh roasted beans from Panama, Central America. Then we add the finest coffee flavorings, and then rest the beans to bring you the best possible taste.

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