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Received a 94 from Kenneth Davids, CoffeeReview.com, Sept. 2009.

  El Burro Estate is planted with Arabica coffees in rich deep young volcanic soils and are kept in optimum conditions to develop the best quality coffee that the trees can produce. The cherries are delicately hand-picked, at strict full maturity, by native Ngobe-Bugle Indians in an area where our main objective is to keep the environment to its most pristine and natural condition. The coffee is then sundried for the perfect time to give it that pristine flavor. Then, the coffee is carefully selected, rested for 60 days in burlap sacks on wooden floors and then exported directly by the Lamastus family.

All around crisp citrus taste, lemon like consistency, well balance body.

To show you farmers consistency about this coffee see how it ranked in th past:
Ranked #7 in the 2003 at the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) competition.
Ranked #12 in the 2005 SCAP competition.
Ranked #13 in the 2014 SCAP competition.

What our customers say...

This is an excellent coffee. It’s grown alongside the famous geisha beans. If you cannot afford to purchase El Burro geisha beans, this coffee is the next best thing. Rich body, smooth taste, and full of flavor. But beware: the beans are very sensitive to the brewing process. Be sure your grind and brewing process is precise and consistent, and every cup will be your best cup.

Rated by Fred
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