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Carolina Duncan Estate Organic was evaluated in the August 05, Coffee Review It scored an exceptional 91 points.

Ranked # 7 in 2005 Specialty Coffee Association of Panama (SCAP) competition.
Ranked # 1 of all organic coffees from Panama in 2005.
Ranked # 1 of all organic coffees in the world 2006.
Ranked # 4 Charlotte Cupping Pavilion 2006

  • Dry Fragrance (1-5): 4.0
  • Wet Fragrance (1-5): 4.0
  • Acidity (1-10): 8.0
  • Body (1-10): 8.2
  • Flavor (1-10): 8.0
  • Aftertaste (1-10): 8.3
  • Correction (1-10): +1.5
  • Standard: +50
Total score from our cupping lab: 92.0

Assessment: Ripe oranges almond like undertones, perfect balance between body, acidity and finish. It leaned towards a delicate chocolate and sweet finish.

The harvested cherries of Carolina Duncan Organic are owned by the very famous Kotowa Estate Coffee.

What our customers say...

Refreshing coffee....light and delicious

Rated by Roman
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