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  2020 crop
The elevation of our Elida Catuai Natural (ECN) lots that you received is a blend of different areas and elevations of the Elida farm. Ranging from 1,700 masl to 1,900 masl The mean elevation is 1,775 masl. This means that 1/2 is above 1,775 masl and the other half below it. Nevertheless, the lowest elevation is 1,700 masl. Natural: Is the traditional “classic” natural process where the red burgundy cherries are left overnight and then the next morning the fruits are sent to the beds for a period of more or less 30 days to dry. The process is done at the Elida mill at 1,700 masl with stable temperatures. There is a variations when sometimes we harvest the fruits grape color instead of burgundy-red.

This coffee was processed using the traditional washed process in which the outer skin and the honey is removed from the bean then it's placed to dry under the sun. The coffee will be left in storage for about 3 months then the outer skin is peeled.

What our customers say...

We have just returned from a month in Costa Rica where all of our friends drink\" 1820 Special Reserve \". Being unable to purchase Elida Estate there ( made a mistake not taking it with us ) we drank 1820. There is NO comparison to Elida Estate . We really missed our morning cups of Elida ! Gale Sutherland Deltaville, Va.

Rated by Doyle Sutherland

I recently tried this coffee for the first time. It’s sweet and full of flavor with subtle complexity. Love it! Panama produces my favorite taste profile, and these are premium beans. One suggestion: the taste profile is very sensitive to the brewing process. Use a consistent and precise brewing time & temp. It’s critical to achieve the best flavor every time. Amazing coffee!

Rated by Fred
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