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  This coffee was coffee was processed the very old fashion way. The beans are let to ripe a little longer on the coffee trees. Then they are hand picked and taken to be dried on the patios until they are ready for storage. The coffee will be left in storage for about 3 months then the outer skin is peeled.

The characteristics of this coffee is blackberries undertones, prunes and sometimes blueberries. You will discover sometime new in every cup.

What our customers say...

You simply cannot find such a high quality coffee at this price. Sweet and smooth with a subtle full-body. Coffee from Elida Estate is both elegant and sophisticated. Panama produces my favorite coffee, and these guys have the best beans hands down. This coffee is on my rotation for recurring orders.

Rated by Fred
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The roast level for this coffee is Light Roast.

Elida Natural is roasted light - city.

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