Employee Purchase Program (EPP)

Welcome to our Employee Purchase Program (EPP)

Employee Purchase Program (EPP) Discount Special EPP Discount

Geisha Coffee Roasters offers to all employees of your company gourmet coffee at wholesale prices. Pricing is approximately 40% below most well known coffee retailers and coffee shops; in fact, we sell coffee to them nationwide.

You will enjoy an extra 15% discount from the already low prices. There are no restrictions or minimum orders. In order to receive the discount you need to create an account and add the code, provided by your company, in the discount code section. Once your code is saved in your account the discount will be applied automatically.

After your account is created the checkout cart will display all applicable discounts before finalizing the purchase.

If you would like your company to participate in the Employee Purchase Program, please contact us with your companies POC.

If you are ready to create your account with your special discount code, click on Continue below.
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