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This coffee is for those who love traditional "Mocha" type coffee flavor (chocolate and fruit) coffees from Yemen or Harar. You will be amazed with the Idido. It delivers those wild and juicy berry flavors in a cleaner coffee. This coffee is perfect for dessert or for the holiday season, this is a coffee that will make fall in love with something new!

Location: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe
Varietal: traditional
Altitude: 1850-2100 meters
Harvest Season: October - January

  • Dry Fragrance (1-5): 4.0
  • Wet Fragrance (1-5): 4.5
  • Acidity (1-10): 8.7
  • Body (1-10): 3.5
  • Flavor (1-10): 9.5
  • Aftertaste (1-10): 9.2
  • Correction (1-10): +3 (waoh)
  • Standard: +50

Total score from our cupping lab: 92.4

Assessment: A coffee for those who love fruit and zesty fills your palate with flavors of mango fruit, wild berry, and grape skin notes in the background. An especially full and syrupy body provides a great playground for all of the flavors, and adds to the coffee's distinct dessert-like character. Think of a dessert wine at a fine restaurant.


Idido Misty Valley (IMV), one of the world′s most unusual coffees, named after the town Idido. Ethiopian Coffee from the Gedio Zone of Yirgacheffe.

This is the cleanest African natural coffee you will find it is very uniform and free of the undesirable earth notes or sourness that can put a damper on some otherwise nice unwashed coffees.

The tradition in Yirgacheffe is wet-processing, whereas Harar has a dry-processing tradition. This coffee is screen dried under the sun.

This coffee is Organic (O) coffee.

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