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This coffee is grown in the highlands of Boquete at 4500 feet, in a mountainous area famous for it's year round climate.

The combination of rich, deep soils, climate and altitude develops a coffee with good body, rich chocolate aroma and sweet acidity. The cherries are hand picked by Ngobe Indians, who harvest the same trees up to five times per season to guarantee that only the ripe beans are selected.

The harvested cherries of Kotowa Estate are pulped and processed daily to develop a very uniform coffee.

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These prices only apply to 3 bags of 12 ounces or more!
12 oz. (340g)
/ Bag
3 10.25
4 10.00
5 9.75
6 9.50
7 9.25
8 9.00
9 8.75
10-99 8.50
100-150 8.00

What our customers say...

This is by far the best espresso roast I have ever had. Long before began reading about this coffee(bought my first bag while on vacation in Panama) I always told people that you can taste a chocolate flavor in the bean. There is so much flavor in this coffee!

Rated by Lars Hansen

I visited this coffee plantation while visiting Boquete - it is by far the best coffee my husband and I have had. We continue to order it and wow our friends every time we serve it. Terri - Ohio

Rated by Teresa Graham

I visited the Kotowa Estate for the coffee tour and experienced the wonderful taste of real coffee the way its supposted to taste. I have ordered more for myself as I gave away all but one package for myself. For anyone who drinks coffee, they will love this coffee. Thanks for your wonderful coffee, Clarence.

Rated by Clarence Callahan

I used to live in Panama and in my opinion this is the best of the Panamanian coffees. Unfortunately Geisha Roasters don't carry much of the Ktotwa line. They have several fine coffees including organic ones.

Rated by Ari Maayan

We too visited the plantation on a trip to Panama. I like my coffee just black and hot, making me a "real" coffee snob since the true flavor isn't hidden with "foreign" additions like cream, sugar, cinnamon etc. This is, by far, the best coffee I have ever tasted. Since that visit I drink nothing but Kotowa Estate coffee. We get the light roast whole bean. We are constantly complimented about our coffee by house guests. If you are ever in Panama, be sure to visit Bocete and the Kotowa Estate Plantation. The people are AWESOME! The hospitatlity is INCREDIBLE! And, the coffee is the BEST IN THE WORLD!! - Joe, Minneapolis. PS. They also taught me how to make a pot of coffee the correct way.

Rated by Joe Donner

My daughter-in-law purchased some of the Kotowa Estate Coffee for me when she went home to visit family. It was the best coffee I have ever had. I purchased myself 4 bags when we went to visit Boquete. Giving some for Christmas presents to co-workers this year. Can\'t wait to go back to Panama so I can visit the plantation.

Rated by Cari Hunkins

I love the dark and taste. Strong and delicious.

Rated by Roman
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