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Cup Of Excellence lot #14 Luis Alonso Araujo - Los Alpes


Finca Los Alpes represents the journey of a family. First established in the 1890's, Luis Alonso's great grandfather expanded the farm in the 1930’s. Like the mountains after which it was named, Los Alpes is rich in natural resources and historical significance. The farm is located on land that was once settled by the Lenca tribe and natural springs can be found throughout the luscious mountains on which the farm is perched.

Los Alpes is the first Cup of Excellence winner from the Cacahuatique mountain range located in the northeast of El Salvador. This win demonstrates that other, lesser-known regions also produce excellent coffee, a fact that makes owner Luis Alonso extremely proud.

The winning lot of coffee has its own story. In 1992, the family decided to plant Pacamara in a 28 hectare section lovingly known as "Tierra Fertil" (Fertile Land). With this decision, Los Alpes became one of the first farms in the Northeast to commit itself to the cultivation of Pacamara. 2007 marks the second year that Los Alpes has participated in the Cup of Excellence, having already made it to the international jury stage of the competition. Winning this year has demonstrated that perseverance and hard work pay off.

The winning sample was taken from a 1.4 hectare area with 60 workers participating in the harvest. Workers only select the most mature cherries and were paid extra for their hard work and attention to detail in this phase of production.

Since its first time participating in the Cup of Excellence the farm has increased its production and has been able to sell its goods at fairer prices. After winning this year the family hopes to be able to use the anticipated profits to reinvest in the land and to generate more opportunities for work for people in the surrounding areas. Luis Alonso or “Lucho” feels a strong social obligation to his workers; he provides them with health care and medicine.

Luis Alonso is convinced that winning the Cup of Excellence will open the door to important opportunities. He hopes that people will recognize him as a producer of high quality coffee and he aspires to work toward attaining a better product to be able to place higher in future events.

  • Dry Fragrance (1-5): 4.2
  • Wet Fragrance (1-5): 4.0
  • Acidity (1-10): 7.8
  • Body (1-10): 7.3
  • Flavor (1-10): 7.1
  • Aftertaste (1-10): 8
  • Correction (1-10):
  • Standard: +50
  • Standard: +50
  • Total score from our cupping lab: 88.4

    Assessment: Bright and sweet with smooth floral aroma and a long after taste.
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