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Special blend done with decaffeinated coffee, we blend Central and South American coffees. It has a well-balanced body, good acidity, and a well-balanced bouquet and wineness.

You will enjoy a wonderful special blend without the caffeine.

What our customers say...

These coffee beans are the only ones that ever go into my grinder! I won't buy stale coffee at the grocery store or anywhere else. This Special Blend Decaf is always fresh and the taste is pure and mild. The roast for me is perfects and the taste is never bitter or acidic. What can I say other than this blend is JUST GOOD! I drink my coffee black.. nothing to adulterate the flavor so I will say that I do savor and enjoy each cup. I have tried other flavors but always return to just this specific one.

Rated by Patricia
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Natural decaf which refers to a type of decaffeinated coffee that is processed using natural methods, rather than chemical solvents. Typically, this involves using water or steam to remove the caffeine from the coffee beans, which preserves more of the natural flavor and aroma of the coffee. Natural decaf coffee is often preferred by those who are concerned about the potential health risks associated with chemical solvents used in some decaffeination processes, or who simply prefer the taste of coffee that has been decaffeinated using natural methods.
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