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Slightly milder than Keyna AA, less acidity and a fuller body make this coffee an enjoyable one.

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In my opinion, this is the best coffee that I have ever enjoyed. I rate it higher than Jamaican Blue Mountain, slightly edging out Guatemala Antigua, which is the second best tasting. Of course, I like a little sugar and cream in my coffee and Kilimanjaro and Guatemalan coffees stand up to it well. Even when I drank several black cups of each, they still rated the same taste-wise, with the Guatemalan having the best aroma of the three coffees.

Rated by Phil Sexton

I was sad to discover upon opening my first bag of this coffee that it was actually Tanzanian Peaberry and not Tanzania Kilimanjaro coffee. My first hint was the aroma, too delicate, and then my heart sank as I noticed the tiny beans instead of the expected large, robust beans. Tanzania Kilimanjaro coffee is the most delicious and most unforgettable coffee you will ever taste and it is very difficult to find. Peaberry can be purchased anywhere from you local grocery store to your local coffee roaster. If you are truly looking for the real Tanzania Kilimanjaro coffee you, unfortunately, will not find it here.

Rated by William Cook
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