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This coffee is for those who love wild tasting coffees it has a different fruit flavor everytime.

Location: Yemen
Varietal: Heirloom Yemen Seedstock
Altitude: Above 1500 meters
Harvest Season: October - December
Process: Natural Dry Process
Crop: March Arrival

  • Dry Fragrance (1-5): 3.9 Sweet Fragrance
  • Wet Fragrance (1-5): 3.9 Sweet Aroma
  • Acidity (1-10): 8.4
  • Body (1-10): 7.2
  • Flavor (1-10): 9.2
  • Aftertaste (1-10): 9.1 Very long
  • Correction (1-10):
  • Standard: +50

Total score from our cupping lab: 91.7

Assessment: The cup starts with some spice, followed by some cinnamon, and light apricot fruitiness, at the end a bit of spices. Great winey flavor and dried apricot fruit character with sweet tobacco hints.


Mocha is famous for being the major marketplace for coffee from the 15th century until the 17th century. Even after other sources of coffee were found, Mocha (also called Sanani (meaning from Sana'a) or Mocha Sanani) beans continued to be prized for their strong, chocolate flavor—and remain so even today. From this coffee the English language gained the word mocha. A Sana'a coffee is ifferent every time you buy it, since the Yemen system involves families selling to local collectors, selling to Sana collectors, then selling to exporters.

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CINNAMON STICK Flavored Coffee
CINNAMON STICK Flavored Coffee

Crisp full cinnamon flavor....delightful smell and the taste...